Cole and the Arcade

Liminal Arcade

Cole was bored. He had nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon. He decided to go to the mall with his friends, hoping to find some fun. He wandered around the shops, looking at clothes, games, and gadgets. He didn’t buy anything, but he enjoyed hanging out with his buddies.

He was about to leave the mall when he saw a sign that caught his eye. It said “VR Arcade - Experience the Future of Gaming”. He was curious and decided to check it out. He entered the arcade and saw a row of booths with headsets and controllers. A friendly staff member greeted him and explained how it worked.

“You can choose from a variety of games and simulations. You just put on the headset and you’ll be immersed in a virtual reality. You can move around, interact with objects, and feel like you’re really there. It’s amazing!”

Cole was intrigued. He asked how much it cost and learned that it was only $10 for 15 minutes. He thought that was reasonable and decided to give it a try. He paid the staff member and chose a game from the menu. It was called “Backrooms - Escape from the Infinite Maze”. He liked horror games and thought this one sounded interesting.

Boy wearing a vr headset in a neon arcade.

He put on the headset and felt a slight jolt as he was transported to another world. He looked around and saw that he was in a dimly lit corridor with yellow walls and beige carpet. There were no windows or doors, just endless hallways that branched off in different directions. He heard a faint buzzing sound and smelled something musty.

He felt a surge of adrenaline as he realized he was in the backrooms, a place where reality breaks down and people get lost forever. He remembered reading about it online, a creepy urban legend that some people claimed was real. He wondered if he could escape or if he would be trapped here for eternity.

He decided to explore and find a way out. He picked a direction and started walking. He hoped that there would be some clues or hints that would lead him to an exit. He also hoped that he wouldn’t encounter any dangers or monsters that might lurk in the shadows.

He walked for what seemed like hours, but he couldn’t find anything useful. He only saw more hallways that looked exactly the same. He felt like he was going in circles, but he couldn’t tell for sure. He started to panic and wonder if he had made a mistake by choosing this game.

He tried to calm himself down and remember that it was just a simulation. He checked his watch and saw that he still had 10 minutes left before his time was up. He thought that maybe he could wait it out and then take off the headset and return to reality.

He stopped walking and sat down on the floor. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. He told himself that it was all fake and that he would be fine.

He opened his eyes again and saw something that made his blood run cold.

Dark figure sitting on the floor of the Backrooms.

He was no longer in the VR arcade.

He was still in the backrooms.

But now, there was no headset on his head.

He had no-clipped into the backrooms.

And he had no way out.